AAP STD 15002 AAP STD 15002

Cục đẩy công suất AAP STD 15002

15002 POWER KARAOKE 17.000.000 đ Số lượng: 2000 cái

AAP STD 15002

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Mã sản phẩm: 15002

Cục đẩy công suất AAP STD 15002

Giá bán: 17.000.000 đ

AAP audio DX-15002

2 channel amplifier features:

1. Use class H circuit, with very high efficiency power conversion, strong power output, low power consumption, environmentally.

2. Use Japan Sanken transistor, it can assure the sound low frequency full, high frequency smooth.

3. Front panel with very good gain control: power LED, signal LED, clip LED, Protect LED.

4. Perfect protects function show in the front panel. Such as, DC fault, temperature protection, under voltage protecton; overload protection, pressure limit etc protect circuit.

5. From the front to the back cooling exhaust system design, it can assure the amplifier works very stable anh reliable in long time

6. Support 4 ohm impedance. The back panel has mode option switch and sensitivity 0.775V/1.0V/1.4V option

7. High quality components. We have very strict quality control management system; this can assure our amplifier high quality. The front panel use 4MM aluminum, the dust-proof grill can open easily to clean, it can prolong the amplifier’s use time.



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