Array MK 33 Array MK 33

Array MK 33

MK 33 LOA LINE ARRAY Số lượng: 1020 cái

Array MK 33

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Mã sản phẩm: MK 33

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Array MK 33

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MK33 is an unusual speaker. It indicates the direction for you. Let's take a look at its unique features: an 18-inch unit in front, a 15-inch unit in the post. In the bi-amp mode of operation, different radiation characteristics can be produced with the corresponding presets. The heart-shaped radiation pattern is the greatest possible attenuation of the energy behind it, which can attenuate more than 15 dB of sound pressure over the entire low frequency spectrum. While the end-shot mode can maximize the energy in front of the front part of the weakened behind the energy. Because of this directional low-frequency settings, making the sound more robust and have a sense of music, in a lot of reverberation of the sound field, which is particularly significant.


 Components单元   1 x 18" front / 1 x 15" rear
 Frequency Response频响  33 - 120Hz(±3dB)
 Sensitivity(1W/1M)灵敏度  99dB
 Maximum Peak SPL最大声压级  134dB
 Rated Power(RMS)额定功率  1800W
 Peak Power(PEAK)峰值功率  3600W
 Impedance(Ohm)标称阻抗  8 Ohm
 Crossover分频点  /
 Dispersion Angle(-6dB)指向性  cardioid / hypercardioid
 Connectors链接插座  2xNL4 Speakon
 Riggings吊挂硬件  /
 Enclosure Material板材材质  高强度加厚夹板
 Cabinet Finish表面处理  德国励宝环保加硬水性漆
 Protective Grille面罩  黑色钢网
 Dimensions (mm)箱体尺寸  700 x 800 x 606 mm
 Net. W.净重   66 kg


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