Array MK 36 Array MK 36

Array MK 36

MK 36 LOA LINE ARRAY Số lượng: 2000 cái

Array MK 36

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Array MK 36

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The inner quality of the MK36 is spoken for it - six units operate in a box of only 70 cm wide and 31 cm tall. The middle of the box is the midrange horn, driven by two 8-inch cone speakers. The midwoo unit consists of two 1.4-inch compression drive units that drive the newly developed 10-degree vertical coverage of the waveform, mounted on the same axis as the IF unit. In the horizontal coverage angle, you can choose 80 degrees and 120 degrees. The low-frequency playback is responsible for two 10-inch long-stroke woofer units. It is worth mentioning that, at 400Hz below the four cone wheel loudspeaker at the same time force, so as to ensure a solid low-frequency and strong impact.


 Components单元  HF: 2 x 3"; MF: 2 x 8"; LF: 2 x 10"
 Frequency Response频响  60 - 18kHz(±3dB)
 Sensitivity(1W/1M)灵敏度  110dB
 Maximum Peak SPL最大声压级  141dB
 Rated Power(RMS)额定功率  MHF: 800W; LF: 1000W
 Peak Power(PEAK)峰值功率  MHF: 1600W; LF: 2000W
 Impedance(Ohm)标称阻抗  8 Ohm
 Crossover分频点  /
 Dispersion Angle(-6dB)指向性  H 80 ° or 120° x  V 10°
 Connectors链接插座  2xNL4 Speakon
 Riggings吊挂硬件  /
 Enclosure Material板材材质  高强度加厚夹板
 Cabinet Finish表面处理  德国励宝环保加硬水性漆
 Protective Grille面罩  黑色钢网
 Dimensions (mm)箱体尺寸  700 x 580 x 310 mm
 Net. W.净重  41 kg


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